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Vacation Thoughts

Vacation Thoughts

I just came back from a "week" of vacation time. I spent half the time at Tahoe hanging out at the water and going on a terrifying gondola ride as well as an even more terrifying ski lift ride.  After coming home to rest a day we went to Mendocino for a "glamping" trip - which was basically a super nice tent set up already for us, and all we had to to was make a fire and cook some food. It was wonderful. Today I spent some time cleaning out a super expensive storage space, as well as returning some camping rental stuff.

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Photo by Timothy Meinberg / Unsplash

All in all it was a good time. I was offline most of the time, with just a few minutes here and there playing some phone games and reading about the future of web games.

What it did for me was help me remember a few things:

  • I am more than just what some corporation thinks of me
  • There is life outside the tech world / bubble
  • I have interests beyond just coding
  • Family is of the utmost importance
  • My house is super cluttered. Clutter is killing my creativity
  • It's time to get serious about my life's goals - like creating storytelling tools, writing books, and more.

Blogging has always be an on and off thing for me. But I've discovered this Ghost platform, and I am dedicating myself to posting content here. I want to make games, stories, apps, and tools. I've circled this mountain several times. The key to all this is persistent, daily, incremental progress.

I know "what" to do. I just need to do it. Today is another step in that direction.