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Creating Something New

Creating Something New
30 years of the Nintendo Game Boy.
Photo by Hello I'm Nik / Unsplash

A lot of ideas are circling around lately. And they all always orbit the same sun. This is the sun of games, storytelling, and web development. I'm going to be working on a tutorial series which will be at first available exclusively to newsletter subscribers.  I got some good feedback from my older Godot tutorials, so I'm going to keep doing things like that. So, if you like making JavaScript based games - I'm going to build one from scratch, and share it all here.

Right now I want to see how Ghost works to send exclusive content to subscribers. So for a while, the content for the tutorials will be only to folks who subscribe to the site. Please hit that button and you'll get early access! There's no cost other than you'll see some emails and you'll get access to these early posts.